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Winter Special

20% off all EWOF 

booked in-between the 01/05/2020 to the 01/08/2020

*Applies to RVs, Caravans, Transportable Structures.

See Promotions for terms and conditions.

Carbon Neutral

CMA Electrical are dedicated to ensuring all carbon emissions and environmental damage caused by us carrying out works is minimised. So in 2016 we came up with the idea of the tree planting program, we believe we were the first in the industry to carry out such an a initiative.

Dependant on the size of the works, and carbon emissions created to ensure we maintain neutral carbon emissions by planting the following:

  • Small jobs minimum of 1 plant/tree to be planted.
  • Large jobs up to 100 plants/trees to be planted.
  • PV Solar Installation Minimum of 20 plants/trees to be planted.

Currently we have planted over 1200 plants/trees and our aim is to reach 6000 by 2021 this will help the environment, improve water quality and ensure we maintain neutral emissions, whilst maintaining and providing homes for native fauna.

This is achieved by a combination of donations to tree planting groups and regenerative planting on various parts of land, most planting is carried out between April-September to ensure the plants receive enough water during the first few weeks of planting.

Our office and storage area is also fully off grid 100% solar powered using batteries made from recycled products, which is utilised to charge our tools when possible. At CMA Electrical we use as a search engine as not only is it carbon neutral they fund tree planting projects through online searches.

Note: All planting is paid for through company profits.

Plants keep the world alive, so now it is time to keep the plants alive.


Recycling Program 

CMA Electrical are truly committed to acting accordingly in the current climate, as a pledge to this we recycle over 88% of all waste including that removed from customers houses including old electrical fittings, cables, plastics, lamps, polystyrene, cardboard and paper etc.


The only items CMA electrical do not recycle are certain removed building materials and items contaminated by fauna.

This is carried out manually during and post works to ensure we provide the best future possible and utilise resources. We are currently trying to fund a micro recycling project to increase items that can be recycled.


So next time just think! Can it be reused or recycled ? it only takes a minute but will save the planet for a lifetime!