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Winter Special

20% off all EWOF 

booked in-between the 01/05/2020 to the 01/08/2020

*Applies to RVs, Caravans, Transportable Structures.

See Promotions for terms and conditions.



Q: Power keeps tripping on the same circuit?

A: Try turning off anything that may be plugged in, then turn each item on one at a time. When the power trips again you should be able to isolate whats causing the problem.


 Q: What should I do when my lights go out?

A: If the lights have gone out in all the houses in your area, utility companies generally know about the outage and will promptly take care of it. If your house is the only one without power, please call our 24-hour emergency electricians immediately 021 874004.


 Q: Lamps keep blowing in our house?

A: If you are using filament type lamps, this can be a common occurrence due to the delicate nature of the lamps. Try using a CFL or LED equivalent and that should solve the problem, failing that call in one of our team to investigate further.