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20% off all EWOF 

booked in-between the 01/05/2020 to the 01/08/2020

*Applies to RVs, Caravans, Transportable Structures.

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Warrant Of Electrical Fitness (WOEF/EWOF)

CMA Electrical ensure your boat, caravan, camper, RV or transportable structure are electrically safe and fit for use, and provide you with an Warrant Of Electrical Fitness (WOEF) also known as Electrical Warrant Of Fitness (EWOF). We come to your location to carry out the EWOF to make it as easy and stress free as possible for our customers.

What is an WOEF?

Under the Electricity Act 1992 (law) and Certain Prescribed Electrical Regulations and Standards, holiday/caravan parks and marinas will require your caravan/camper or vessel to have a current WOEF/EWOF before supplying you with a powered site. This is to ensure safety to all users and members of the public throughout the facilities.

An WOEF/EWOF is valid for four years from date of issue.

We come to you to remove the hassle at your own location within the Whangarei and Northland region, we can check your: Boat, Caravan, Camper, RV, Motorhome or Transportable Structure onsite .

We'll provide an WOEF/EWOF as soon as it is completed and can also remedy some defects immediately if required to pass the inspection minor defects are repaired for free excluding parts.

Note: Will be additional charges for major remedials if you would like us to carry out the works. There's no charge for re-testing once repairs have been made if we carry out the repairs whilst onsite.

Lost Warrant Of Electrical Fitness sticker or inspection sheet

If your Warrant of Electrical Fitness is still valid but you've lost the sticker or inspection sheet, we can supply a replacement provided the original WOEF/EWOF was issued by one of our inspectors.

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