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Winter Special

20% off all EWOF 

booked in-between the 01/05/2020 to the 01/08/2020

*Applies to RVs, Caravans, Transportable Structures.

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Record Of Inspection (ROI)

Records Of Inspection are required for high risk works as stated in applicable regulations.


High-risk prescribed electrical work means the prescribed electrical work (not being low-risk prescribed electrical work) that—

(a) comprises or includes the installation, or adjustment of the settings, of any of the following:
(i) an extra-low or low voltage installation that does not, or will not, comply with Part 2 of AS/NZS 3000:
(ii) an installation that operates, or will operate, at high voltage (other than high voltage discharge lighting, high voltage mobile mining electrical equipment, and high voltage relocatable mining electrical equipment):
(iii) a mains parallel generation system in an installation:
(iv) a photovoltaic system in an installation:
(v) an installation that is, or will be, located in a hazardous area other than an ERZ0 or ERZ1:
(vi) an installation that is, or is intended, for use with electrical medical devices:
(vii) any fittings (including any neutral earth resistors and earth leakage circuit breakers) that—
    (A) control earth potential rise; and
    (B) are not part of any relocatable mining electrical equipment:
(viii) any fittings or appliances that are not part of any relocatable mining electrical equipment and are used or installed, or to be used or installed, in an ERZ0 or ERZ1:
    (b) is mains work on an installation:
    (c) is work on an installation’s animal stunning appliances or meat conditioning appliances: